Entero @ Delta Light

Entero @ Delta Light

Belgium based architectural lighting business, Delta Light, have released their latest lighting tool that is set to become an exciting addition to the industry at large. Entero was designed to be a single luminaire range that can be used for a diverse variation of projects both indoor and outdoor, and to perform an incredibly large range of functions. Each Entero consists of three internal light units that house a hybrid optical compartment and a high quality LED. Simply put, the Entero range is a collection of recessed downlights that can fully integrate into any environment and be customised by both the designer and end user to create the desired effect or function without the need of other luminaires. The name “Entero” is Spanish for whole or complete, which is a direct indication of the complete solution that the Delta Light team hopes to have created with their newest lighting innovation.

Delta Light put a lot of their technical and design knowledge into creating the Entero units in order to make them all encompassing in their ability, and uniform in their appearance simultaneously. To achieve this, they limited the exterior look of the range by producing them in only a round or square shape. Each of the two shapes comes in the same three standardized sizes; small, medium and large. On top of the limits on the size and shape variations, the colour options were also simplified to three hues, namely white, black and gold. Within these three colour parameters the Entero range can fulfill a number of needs aesthetically while the internal capabilities of each unit can achieve a far greater range.

The LEDs were made with a uniform colour consistency and their hybrid optics produce a comfortable light with beams that are outlined enabling them to be used in a multitude of ways for any project. They are the ideal working tool for a designer in every aspect imaginable from colour, LED, optics, power to installation, and can be ordered with or without trim. There are a staggering 1204 completely unique lighting scheme possibilities that can be managed with the Entero luminaires. The units can be used indoors, outdoors and in damp locations exposed to the elements.

Every outdoor eventuality has been considered and prepared for with the waterproof IP65 variant is perfect to extend the interior application of Entero outdoors. They have thickened glass, waterproof seals, UV resistant components that dramatically extend the unit’s lifespan, optimised tilt and rotation flexibility, possibility to add accessories without needing to open the fixture and a polycarbonate front cover for extra weather and impact resistance.

Paired with the optical compartment, the Bridgelux LED engine forms the beating heart of the Entero range and allows them to deliver the highest quality illumination, incredible efficiency and maximum performance. Some of the key aspects to note are a colour consistency of 1 step MacAdam, Tunable White, Wall Wash and Soft Dim all possible thanks to the interior ingenuity of the Entero units. Tunable White is imperative to improve the ambience in a space and aid in a healthy environment that adequately allows for the circadian rhythms to be catered to. Entero Tunable White is able to simulate daylight by gradually changing the colour temperature throughout the day to match the external environment.

Thanks to the patented Barbenbach optic, Entero can generate a perfectly uniform wall wash on a surface with a luminaire that is completely recessed into the wall or ceiling and is versatile enough for designers to utilise different installation options for the project to achieve even illumination. Thanks to the specific design of the reflector it even allows for bigger distances in between the luminaires, as the light coming out of the luminaire is guided forward and sideward in the best possible way. Entero has also cleverly designed a range of light refining accessories to alter the light effect of the beam to suit the needs or setting according to the designer's vision and up to two accessories can be combined and placed onto a unit. These accessories can be used to minimise glare, diffuse light, change the shape of the beam, soften transitions or smoothen the edges.

One last important factor that also bears a mention is the connectivity of Entero. As with many modern lighting solutions Entero can be controlled wirelessly with Delta Light’s CTRL DELTA allowing the user to manage a selection of luminaires with a mobile device (Android or iOS) and the Casambi app using Bluetooth. Bigger installations can use the DALI-2 protocol and be controlled by sensors and made to adjust according to their surroundings. Delta Light truly thought of everything with the Entero’s range of endless capabilities and delivered on their promise to excel in any environment.